Sunday Reflection

Sunday mornings are always the best for reflecting on the week gone by and sometimes planning for the week ahead, but today I don’t intend of focusing on things to come…I just want to embrace this long, full day I have yet to enjoy. As I always like to start my Sundays out with a vinyl selection and coffee, today I’m spinning something new to my collection – Portugal. The Man.



Speaking of coffee, my husband is still sleeping upstairs, so I’ve had to resort to making my own coffee this morning – which tastes just fine, but there is something about it that’s always better when he makes it. Although, I think he’s good at everything he does. In fact, I want to mention that I am quite proud of him. I briefly commented in a recent post that he was away over a weekend for a class, well, that class was the CrossFit Level 1 certification course. I always thought he’d be a great “coach” (they can’t technically be called coaches, but that’s the term I’m using), as he has a natural ability to lead and a personality that people are just drawn to. He’s been doing CrossFit for years under various training styles/methods, and we both talked about the coaching possibility about a year ago, and finally the timing was just right. This past week, he started coaching at a local gym (or box, if you prefer), which he plans to continue doing as it fits into his schedule – and I think he really enjoyed it. I know that I was sure excited for him!

As much as I’d love to do something like this too, I am not exactly coach material, but my husband is an inspiration to me and I am so grateful for his drive and ambition. I tend to get stuck in my little world of work and home, and his actions encourage me to step outside of my box and seek out new experiences. I’ve been thinking this over quite a bit during this past week, and while I haven’t jumped into anything just yet, I am considering a handful of opportunities. I’ll have more to come on this in future posts.

This week I also spent some time reorganizing the plan for this blog – plus I switched themes, once again. I loved what I had previously, and then ran into a problem with the link colors, and it pretty much ruined everything for me. I’ve gone with this simple format, which I think should serve me well for some time to come. *Fingers crossed* Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my new plan, it shouldn’t change much, but should at least create some consistency. Now I just need to be sure to spend the time necessary to keep up with it!

As part of my new blog plan, I’d like to start sharing posts and sites that I find particularly noteworthy during my week as a part of my Sunday reflection. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

This week’s reads:


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