I’m a 40-something wife, friend and sister. I spent a good deal of my life writing poetry and short stories, and then I progressed to blogging, but for various reasons, I never carried the blogging very far. It’s been my intent to start writing again for a number of years now, and since turning 40 I’ve come to realize that time moves just a little too fast to keep putting things off. Besides, I love this too much to ignore my need for this creative outlet.

Why Weights and Wanderings? A couple of years ago, I found myself stepping into a CrossFit box, and as much as it terrified me, I couldn’t get over the thrill of what it felt like to lift weights. I’m certainly no avid lifter, and I’ve had my ups and downs with working out, but picking up that barbell is empowering. A level of confidence that I never experienced during my life started to creep in after spending some time with the weights, and seeing that I was capable of far more than I had ever realized only drives me to do even more with this life of mine. It isn’t always easy, and I still struggle to maintain consistency with my workouts, but every time I think of lifting that barbell over my head, I am reminded of what it does, not only for my body, but for my soul.

As far as the wanderings, while I can’t say for certain what this blogging journey will turn into, I fully expect it to be a hodge-podge of me. My past experiences, things that I’ve learned, things I’m exploring, whatever the mood should present at the time. I have no expectations, and neither should you, but thank you for taking a look.


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