My Sunday reflections typically involve coffee, a record, and a look back on my week. Today is different. Today marks the 15th anniversary of 9/11, a day which changed the world as we knew it forever. Anyone you talk to can tell you where they were that day when the shocking news hit, how they spent the hours watching the coverage, who they were with and how they were impacted by the tragic events. In honor of this day, and those who lost their lives, I will refrain from my usual post, but instead will share a handful of links to stories of others who survived or were closely impacted by the attack.

It is so important that we do not forget this day and, as horrifying as it was, how these events brought so many of us together.

Esquire – Michael Wright’s Escape from the 81st Floor of the World Trade Center – An Arizona 9/11 Survivor Story

The story of Gary Welz

Yahoo News – Final Survivor of the South Tower, Ron DiFrancesco

Slate – The Marine Who Found Two WTC Survivors

Survivor Stories – Shannon Loy

The Blaze – Courageous Firefighter Survives Collapse

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