PRs and Celebrations


It’s the little things that mean a lot. Even my little 70# PR this morning – now that really means something to me. After over two weeks off of workouts while recovering from the pneumonia, I wanted to get out in the home gym and just get a little movement in this morning, and instead I ended up with a personal record on my push jerk. I almost didn’t even drag myself out of bed, I desperately wanted to just stay there and sleep. Getting back into the routine is tough, but today is my birthday and I told myself last night that I had to start this day off right…and it looks like I did.

There is really no other reason for this post, other than I wanted to celebrate – my upper body strength has always been a challenge, so hitting a PR at a point when my strength isn’t even at it’s best is definitely something worth celebrating. I hope your Tuesday shakes out to be just as good as mine is looking – push yourself to do something great today and it will be a good one!

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